Have you ever had a cold sore attack? Only he who has been a victim, understand the discomfort and pain brought about by the infection. Assume, the attack breaks out a few days to your long cherished tour. First, you are faced with the constant urge to scratch the swellings, then the interference of your smooth and beautiful skin by the cold sores. Then the worst of all; you can’t share a drink, not even kiss your loved one. Doing so would be putting him at risk too.

Cold sore can ruin your dating relationship in various ways. But it doesn’t have to be so. Here are a few practical solutions to try out:

If you are already experiencing an attack:

  • Don’t mask the cold sore

For sure cold sores disfigure the face. They are very easy to spot on the mouth and cheek. Consequently, many people are tempted to cover up the blisters. For instance, applying make-ups on the affected area could be one option. Unless it is a medicated lip product do not apply it in the sores.

Covering up the cold sore with a makeup can cause irritation. In addition, if the cold sores have cracked, the makeup may contaminate the open wound too.

  • Adopt an appropriate sleeping posture

Cold sore has several stages. Once it reaches the weeping stage, the fluid will constantly ooze from the wound.  You, therefore, need to adopt a comfortable sleeping position at night that will facilitate the blisters draining easily. To position your head at an elevated height, use several pillows to achieve the upright posture.

  • Take precaution not to spread the virus

If you don’t inform your partner in time that you have oral herpes, you risk passing it over to him. It’s not practical to hide till the outbreak goes away. Consequently, avoid sharing your utensils or beddings with others.

  • Take small food bites

When you suffer from oral herpes, then you have to consider how wide to open your mouth. For instance when you have the fluid-filled blisters at the corner of your lips, opening your mouth extra wide may force the blisters to break. And when it does the fluid will spread to other parts thus spreading the infection too. So it is important to bite off small bits of food that doesn’t strain your mouth.

  • Manage the swelling and the pain

Inflamed and crusting cold sores are very painful. To make every ticking second of such moment bearable use pain reliever and anti-inflammatory drug. Particularly a pain reliever which also acts as an anti-inflammatory property is the best. A regular cold compress using an ice pack provides temporary pain relief.

When the cold sore has fully developed, red and swollen you can use an ice pack to bring down the swelling.

  • Consult your doctor for prescription medicine

For various reasons, some individuals are prone to oral herpes attacks. If you are such a person then you need to consult your doctor to prescribe the right medication. With the right prescription, you can treat the cold sores’ outbreak at the earliest opportune time.


When you are yet to get another outbreak;


  • Keep off acidic foods and adjust your diet

Acidic foods worsen the cold sore. Thus do not include acidic foods in your diet.  Such foods include; oranges, vinegar, lemon, and tomatoes. In addition, over-relying on refined sugar will alter the hormonal balance and lower the body’s immune system. That leaves room for the cold sore flaring up. When in doubt your doctor can assist you to choose the right kind of foods to eat and to avoid.

Stay away from the sunlight

Extreme sunlight exposure triggers a cold sore outbreak.  Thus when you are thinking of being in the sun for a prolonged period, consider wearing protective cover. You could for example put on a hat and a medicated lip balm.

Cut down on your stress levels

Stress has the effect of lowering the body’s resistance.  Thus if you had suffered an attack, then try as a much as you can to avoid anything that might stress you up. And if you do get stressed up learn the best way on how to manage it quickly.


Although you can’t completely prevent an attack, you can reduce its frequency and severity. Since cold sore is very contagious, take precautions not to pas it over. But if the pain becomes unbearable, consult your doctor for the right treatment. Otherwise, identify the triggers in your life that paves way for frequent oral herpes attack. Let no cold sore be a barrier in your relationship.